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Protection against unauthorized access and sensitive data


CMMC Registered Practitioners

Our team manages inherent risk in information systems 

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What makes us effective is our core values - Respect, Team Work, Integrity, Excellence & Confidence

Cybersecurity Services

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We provide a broad range of solutions to ensure compliance with security standards, policies and procedures

Security Control Assessment

We test and/or evaluate management, operational, and technical security controls in information systems to determine the extent to which the controls are implemented correctly.

POA & M Management 

The management of Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) is mandated by the Federal Information Systems Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) as a corrective action plan for tracking and planning the resolution of information security weaknesses.

Gap Analysis

We help in determining the differences between the current and ideal state of information security within your organization. To do this we conduct a workshop within your organization and covers a wide variety of cyber security-related components, controls and procedures.

FISMA/ RMF Training

The purpose of this course is to provide people new to risk management with an overview of a methodology for managing organizational risk in accordance with NIST Special Publication (SP) 80037, Revision 1.

What Clients Say About Us

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Bradley Philips


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Eunice did not interface with the clients but the clients loved her work and were very complimentary! The client even mentioned they were impressed with how thorough a job she had done. She knew which questions to ask and was very familiar with the documents required in order for the system to complete the ATO in a timely manner.

Thomas Mason


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Our team has been working on implementing a new software solution for our client and required the expertise of a security systems professional in order to guide the system through the Authority to Operate (ATO) process. As a security system professional, Eunice helped our team to hit the ground running. She communicated with the project team on a regular basis, providing status updates during each step. They provided documents that were thorough and complete.

Catrina D. Purvis


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Their security analyst's performance in support of DOC Privacy Compliance Review Boards (CRBs) during fiscal year 2018 has been exceptional and outstanding. Specifically, she assisted with assessing the effectiveness of security/privacy controls implemented across numerous agency-wide critical IT systems which process protected personally identifiable information (PII) and business identifiable information (BII). On an impressively consistent, thorough, accurate, relevant, and timely basis, she provided expert level analysis and advice on risks associated with multiple system architectures including recommending countermeasures to eliminate critical security/privacy vulnerabilities.


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Road Map to successful Gov't Contracting

February 10 ,2021

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Leveraging People, Process, and Technology to deliver substantial value to our clients. We focus on their key security elements and business needs.


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